Expunction And Sealing Criminal Records

Perhaps the most difficult consequence of getting arrested and being thrust into the machinery of the legal system is dealing with the criminal record that is automatically generated when you land in jail.

If a "background check" reveals you have any prior arrest or criminal history -- you may suddenly find yourself dealing with radioactive results" such as

  • Denial of Employment opportunities
  • Denial of Apartment / Housing Rental
  • Denial of Educational Opportunities
  • Denial of Licenses or Certifications
  • Denial of Credit

CONTACT ME if you have any concern that you are suffering from the negative effects of an arrest history or criminal history on your record.

ADDITIONALLY, CONTACT ME if you are facing a PENDING CRIMINAL CASE and you believe you are an appropriate candidate for ultimately obtaining an EXPUNCTION. Chapter 55 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure governs whether or not a person is "eligible" to obtain an Expunction. Consequently, it is absolutely essential that:

  • You FIRST hire the right attorney when you are arrested on a criminal charge
  • So as to MAXIMIZE your opportunity to obtain the best result with your case
  • So that you meet the narrow legal requirements to qualify for an expunction

I am always happy to help individuals restore their reputation and their future by working with them, in appropriate cases, to "successfully navigate a frequently NOT USER FRIENDLY SYSTEM" by erasing past arrest records and other criminal history.